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Taiwan’s first cloud-based animation platform in action

To convert the mind-blowing dreams of the creative 3-D animation artists to reality, it usually requires advanced 3-D computer graphics technology as well as sufficient startup funds. For overcoming these obstacles in the creativity process, the NARL's National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has built a "Render Farm" platform, one of the Formosa supercomputer series, to provide cloud-based animation and special effect rendering services for Taiwan's animation film industry with low cost but in astounding speed and excellent quality. In a way, the very platform also induces more creative ideas.

The Render Farm adopts Linux operating system and integrates massive amount of storage space, high-speed transmission bandwidth, high-performance scientific simulation technology via graphics processing unit cluster, and render queuing system.

Henceforth the content creators can upload massive rendering jobs to the Render Farm via broadband internet connections, and monitor the computing status through a graphical user interface, whether Linux, Windows, or Mac OS is used. Then the abundant computational capability of the Formosa series supercomputers helps to generate unparalleled image quality of different human expressions and highly realistic scenes of ocean waves, explosions and other special film visual effects.

Without any doubts, the Render Farm significantly improves the technical threshold of cultural creativity constrained by a dauntingly time-consuming computation process due to limited computation capacity and storage size.

Recently, the Render Farm with its improved computation capacity and storage size has facilitated the production of animated films entitled Ripples of Desire by The 3rd Vision Films Ltd., Tai-Chi Star Cat by StarQ and KENTADIP, and Hatching by TWR Entertainment, Inc. The latter was featured at SIGGRAPH 2012 computer animation exhibition on 7-9 August in Los Angles, USA...full story

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