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Taiwan Ocean Research Institute

In 2008, The Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI) was established. The goal of TORI is to become a worldclass institute of marine science and technology. Not only has it to pursue advanced marine research in the seas surrounding Taiwan and to support marine science and technology research around the world, but also to incorporate technologies from private companies, governmental agencies and universities.

  • To establish research and innovation platforms 
  • To maintain and operate national fleet of marine research vessels
  • To support academic oceanographic research
  • To promote proactive/advanced studies of marine science and technology
  • To nurture talents of marine science and technology
Core Facilities
  • Deep-ocean remotely operated vehicles (ROV)
  • Ocean current measuring system by shorebased high frequency radar around Taiwan
  • Ocean-bottom seismometers (OBS)
  • Deep-ocean climate data buoys
  • Marine database
Core Technologies
  • Technology of marine observation and model simulation and analysis
  • Technology of ocean-bottom seismic observation
  • Technology of deep-sea exploration
  • Deep-ocean climate data buoys
  • Marine database
  • Fifteen radar stations were established along the coastline of Taiwan to monitor the real-time status of ocean currents within 120 kilometers distance from land.
  • The development of an ocean-bottom seismometer (OBS) was completed. It has drawn attention of the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology. KIOST is now seeking the cooperation with TORI to install OBS.
  • The operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) has been successfully tested. This not only supports the united observational program of the National Gas Hydrate Energy project, but also allows cooperation with WHOI's AUV conducting research in the South China Sea.


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