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Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute

The Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute (TTFRI) was established in 2011. Besides serving as an information-sharing platform to support academic research, TTFRI develops advanced prediction techniques of typhoon and flood to assist government agencies in disaster prevention, to mitigate the social and economic impacts of typhoon/flood-related disasters.

Meanwhile, TTFRI focuses on typhoon and floodrelated researches with regional characteristics and also devotes itself to nurturing talents for future worldleading researchers.

  • Construct atmospheric and hydrologic informationsharing platforms to support academic research 
  • Conduct mission-orientated research to develop advanced techniques for disaster prevention and mitigation of typhoon and flood
  • Nurture talents for future researchers
Core Facilities
  • The Taiwan Cooperative Precipitation Ensemble forecast Experiment (TAPEX) platform
  • An efficient system for urban inundation evaluation
  • Atmospheric-hydrological database
  • Observation and measurement instruments-flux tower, disdrometer, atmospheric sounding system, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP), water level gauge, inundation sensor, etc.
Core Technologies
  • Numerical weather modeling techniques
  • Quantitative precipitation forecast techniques
  • Hydrologic modeling techniques
  • Advanced atmospheric and hydrologic observation and measurement techniques
  • Hydro-meteorological integrated observation and measurement networks: TTFRI worked with Water Resources Agency (WRA) and universities to develop two experimental watersheds. In addition to hydrologic measurements, TTFRI also successfully conducted
    onboard atmospheric sounding observations on Taiwan Ocean Research Institute's Ocean Researcher V.
  • Atmospheric and hydrological Database: The database has been ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. It is utilized by more than 500 people and in 200 research projects, and achieves a 94 percent customer satisfaction rate.
  • Development of GPS-RO data assimilation technologies for FORMOSAT satellite data: TTFRI cooperates with research institutes in Taiwan and in the U.S. to develop the GPS-RO data assimilation techniques. A systematic evaluation using 11 landfall typhoons shows that assimilating GPS-RO data helps to reduce the typhoon track forecast error by about 5 to 10%.
  • Quantitative precipitation ensemble forecast technique and its applications: TTFRI cooperates with CWB, WRA, NCDR, and universities to conduct the Taiwan Cooperative Precipitation Ensemble forecast Experiment (TAPEX). The typhoon track forecast of TAPEX has reached international standards. There are more than 40 disaster prevention operational entities using the TAPEX platform.
  • To meet the demands of water resources managenent, TTFRI has worked out a plan to estimate the watershed rainfall and its inflow to a reservoir.


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