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National Nano Device Laboratories

The National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL), established in 1988, has been dedicated to supporting the academia for its research to develop advanced semiconductor processing technologies and cultivating semiconductor talents needed by the industries.

As the semiconductor process is continually progressing from sub-micron to nanometer technology, in accordance with national science and technology policies and industrial developments, the NDL has been exploring in superior processing technologies and applications such as functional nano CMOS Device, nano energy and optoelectronic device, NEMS / Bio-MEMS, and High-Frequency. By adding functional nanotechnologies, the NDL will keep providing advanced solid service required by the industries, academia and research institutes.

  • Construct R&D platforms: to integrate domestic resources in nano fabrication equipment and tools, and establish an open environment for research of world-class nano device fabrication and electronic system research.
  • Support academic research: to collaborate with academia on research projects and facilitate full use of all resources available at the NDL by all universities and academic research institutes around Taiwan and generate research results with superior quality.
  • Promote futuristic science and technology: to conduct collaborative research with the industry, academia, and research institutes, both domestic and overseas, to enhance the technical service quality in areas of nano CMOS device platform, nano energy and optoelectronics device platform, and NEMS/MEMS technology platform.
  • Cultivate science and technology talents: to offer various categories of training courses to cultivate domestic talents for leading-edge technologies such as nano optoelectronics, nano energy and NEMS/MEMS related fields.
Core Facilities
  • Nano Device Fabrication Factory
  • Nano Metrology Laboratory (Nano Device Materials Characterization)
  • High-Frequency Technology Center
  • Tainan Device Fabrication Factory (Photovoltaic and MEMS Processing)
Core Technologies
  • Nano CMOS Device Technology
  • Nano Energy and Optoelectronic Device Technology
  • Nano Bio-MEMS Technology
  • Developed the 9nm functional resistive random access memory (RRAM) array cell.
  • Developed the world's first 16nm functional static random access memory (SRAM) prototype.
  • The bottom-up silver contact technology and triangular germanium FinFET surpass the limits of conventional materials and achieved nearly 3-fold of improvement in transistor speed.
  • Developed nano-technology chip for fast bacteria detection.
  • Developed the “Accumulator-type 3D Stacked CMOS/Memory Hybrid Chip".


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