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National Space Organization

National Space Organization (NSPO) was established in 1991 and is the sole institute that takes charge of the execution of the national space program and the development of space technology in Taiwan.

NSPO have actively implemented to become the center of innovation and excellence for the space technology through the development of satellite programs. In the near term, NSPO's mission goal is to build up the self-reliant space technology through the execution of FORMOSAT-5 and FORMOSAT-7 programs with the missions related to remote sensing and meteorology, respectively.

  • Establish indigenous space technology
  • Fulfill pronounced societal impacts
  • Promote frontier space science research
Core Facilities
  • Satellite I&T Facility
  • Ground Control & Operation Systems
  • Image Processing Center
  • Spacecraft R&D Laboratories
Core Technologies
  • Satellite Systems Engineering
  • Spacecraft Bus Development
  • Electro-Optical Remote Sensing Instrument
  • Satellite Control & Operation
  • Remote Sensing Image Processing
  • NSPO has established the space technology development infrastructure platform, and has successfully executed three satellite programs, FORMOSAT-1, -2, and -3, which launched in October 1999, May 2004 and April 2006, respectively.
  • FORMOSAT-2, the first remote sensing satellite of NSPO, is providing valuable daily-revisit images which are used for disaster rescue, land usages, environmental monitoring, and academic resources researches etc.
  • FORMOSAT-3, an international collaboration project for meteorology, ionosphere, and climate, is recognized as “the world’s most accurate, precise, and stable atmospheric thermometer in space”.
  • FORMOSAT-5 is the first indigenous satellite built by NSPO with the in-house development of the high-resolution remote sensing payload.
  • FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2, a constellation of 12 satellites, is a major collaboration space program between Taiwan and US. FORMOSAT-7 will provide 8,000 atmospheric profiles per day, which will greatly enhance the capabilities of the weather forecast, climate change, and space weather monitoring.


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