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National Laboratory Animal Center

The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) was founded in 1994. It is the first specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory rodent supply unit in Taiwan that reached the international standard. In 2003, the local demand turned the goal of NLAC to become a “world class” laboratory animal resource center, which provides international standard rodent resource, technical service and miscellaneous training to the academic field.

Currently, NLAC cooperates with Executive Yuan on the “Promotion Plan for the Biotechnology Industry”activity and with National Science Council on the “Genetic Engineered Murine Model Services” project, which are both based on the laboratory animal service. Gradually, NLAC is transforming to a platform that is able to test new drug and medical device preclinically; it makes up the gap of the value chain, speeds up the development of the biotechnology and translational medicine in Taiwan and strengthens the international competence of the country.

  • Establish an international laboratory rodent resource center to fulfill the local research and industrial demand.
  • Provide animal test service, which meets the international animal welfare management standard and support the national biotechnology development.
  • Promote alternative educational and experimental methods to implement the core human spirit of the animal science.
  • Establish talent cultivation mechanism to reduce the gap among the biotechnology talents.
Core Facilities
  • AAALAC International accredited facility for SPF laboratory rodents
  • TAF accredited diagnostic laboratory for the quality control service
  • Rodent Model Resource Center (RMRC)
  • Genetic Engineered Murine Model Services (GEMMS)
Core Technologies
  • Quality Control of Laboratory Animal
  • Reproduction and Breeding Management
  • Isolator Techniques
  • Genetic Modification Techniques
  • Provide the best quality laboratory rodents to more than 70% of the local biomedical field. Supply more than 140 strains including SPF rodents, genetically modified (GM) rodents and gnotobiotic rodents.
  • based on the breeding technique, provide onestop Animal Hotel service with various animal experiment techniques; 234 strains served so far.
  • Provide laboratory rodent quality control and diagnostic service and monitoring the health of animals in the local academic field and biomedical industry; more than 22,000 items served per year.
  • Rodent Model Resource Center (RMRC) keeps more than 50% of the laboratory rodent repository and research outcomes in Taiwan; since 2010, RMRC has been registered in International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR) – 19th repository database worldwide, 3rd in Asia.
  • Establish the first inducible GM rat production platform and develop inducible red/green dual florescence GM rats.
  • Passed ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 27001 and AAALAC accreditation to prove the good quality control.



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