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National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering

The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) was established in October 1990. Its laboratory, equipped with a tri-axial shaking table, an L-shape reaction wall system, and a large strong floor test bed allows earthquake engineering simulations of structural components or systems in full-scale.

NCREE links researchers and practicing professionals to build interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise using a variety of computational and experimental facilities in earthquake-related fields. Thus, NCREE engages in basic and applied researches that resolve critical seismic engineering issues. Due to the needs on pre-earthquake preparedness, emergency response, and post-earthquake recovery, the center brings together national academic resources, implements integrated research projects and develops enabling technologies for earthquake hazard mitigation.

  • To advance experimental and numerical simulation technologies: Construct and maintain the worldclass experimental facilities. Provide hardware, software and technical support to national and international researchers and practitioners on earthquake engineering simulations.
  • To develop and apply earthquake loss estimation technologies: Develop and enhance the Taiwan Earthquake Loss Estimation System (TELES) software for advancement of seismic disaster scenario simulation technologies.
  • To develop seismic design, evaluation and retrofit technologies: Advance seismic design, evaluation and retrofit technologies and code provisions for buildings and bridges to ensure structural resilience, and mitigate life and property losses during earthquakes.
  • To develop state-of-the-art seismic technologies: Conduct researches on innovative, environmentfriendly, and intelligent construction materials, technologies, and systems.
  • To promote educational outreach and consolidation of earthquake knowledge: Consolidate earthquake research findings, disseminate earthquake engineering and hazard mitigation knowledge to enhance earthquake awareness and public capability of emergency responses.
Core Facilities
  • 5mx5m Tri-axial Earthquake Simulator
  • L-shaped Reaction Wall and Strong Floor Testbed
  • Multi-Axial Testing System (MATS)
Core Technologies
  • Seismic Testing and Numerical Simulation Technologies
  • Seismic Resistant Design, Evaluation and Retrofit Technologies
  • Earthquake Loss Estimation Technologies
  • Ensuring seismic resilience of new buildings and bridges through design code revisions.
  • Upgrading seismic capacity of existing buildings and bridges through assessment and retrofit.
  • Developing resilient structural systems through innovative design schemes and new construction materials.
  • Developing TELES in accordance with governmental needs for quick response and risk management.
  • Promoting integration of engineering and science to advance research innovation and engineering applications.
  • Enhancing earthquake awareness and preparedness through educational outreach.


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