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Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center

The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI), established in 1974, was transformed as a non-profit organization under the National Applied Research Laboratories in 2005. STPI aims to support the government's technology policy-making and address social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy.

Functioning as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Taiwan's research communities, STPI has focused in collecting, collating and disseminating science & technology information for the purposes of innovation, competitiveness, sustainable development and social well-being and has integrated and provided with several nationwide technology related information services in improving the efficiency of scientific research. The future vision of STPI is to continue advancing the level in support of science & technology policy and information services and improving the nation's science & technology competitiveness by creating a sound S&T policy research infrastructure and setting up academic and policy databases, methodology, tools and core competencies with authoritative and international standard.

  • Collect and establish nationwide S&T information and provide integrated services
  • Perform study of technology foresight and development trend research, and assist planning and establishment of S&T policy 
  • Support and improve positive S&T policy decision-making system
  • Assist national technology plan review, implementation, and performance evaluation
Core Facilities
  • Satellite I&T Facility
  • Ground Control & Operation Systems
  • Image Processing Center
  • Spacecraft R&D Laboratories
Core Technologies
  • Technology Foresight and Forecasting Methodologies
  • National Innovation System Research
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Sci-tech Projects Management
  • Integrated Sci-tech Information Service Platform
  • Served as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and maintained close and collaborative working relationship with government in supporting for National Science and Technology Conference and the STAG Board Meeting, and planning The White Paper on Science and Technology.
  • Developing foresight research methods and the establishing foresight database, creating S&T policy research infrastructure and formulate the visions and strategies for Taiwan's S&T development.
  • Provide S&T policy management information system, to assist government for S&T Program Performance Evaluating, and update Government Research Bulletin (GRB) database and providing services, and effectively support government S&T policy planning and project management.
  • Provide CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan (CONCERT) and Nationwide Document Deliver Service (NDDS) services, to introduce global electronic information resources and to enhance resource sharing among major academic and research institutes, to strengthen infrastructure of S&T research and development.



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