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National Chip Implementation Center

The National Chip Implementation Center (CIC), established in 1992, aims to focus on developing human resources and advanced technologies in IC/System design, chip fab and system measurement. Since CIC has adopted the operating model of a non-profit institution, the main objectives thus focus not only on service but also on research.

By continuing developing our services on IC/System design and measurement environment, embedded system design and measurement environment, RF and mix-signal design environment, and heterogeneous system design environment, CIC will operate in coordination with the demands of National Programs for Intelligent Electronics (NPIE) to develop MG+4C (medical electronics, green electronics, car electronics, and 3C electronics) related technologies. Currently CIC has initiated various service-oriented researches include CMOS Sensor Implementation Platform, Wireless Sensing System Platform, and Heterogeneous System Integration and Prototyping Platform (MorPACK Platform). By applying these platform technology, CIC will operate in coordination with the demands of national programs and aims to become a world-class laboratory for IC/System design research and service in Taiwan.

• To integrate and develop the IC/System design environment
• To provide chip fabrication and measurement services
• To promote technology interchange and cooperation
• To develop and establish integration platform on intelligent electronics system
Core Facilities
• Electronic design automation (EDA) tools
• Laser Doppler vibrometer
• Accelerometer measurement system
• MEMS measurement system
• SoC Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
Core Technologies
• IC/SoC Design
• SoC/SiP Integration Technology
• Heterogeneous Integration Technology Platform
• Integration Technology for Intelligent Electronic Systems
• Heterogeneous System Integration and Prototyping Platform (MorPACK Platform)
• Configurable SoC and Embedded System Prototyping Platform (CONCORD Platform)
• Modularized FPGA Development Platform for IC Contest and Education (MorFPGA Platform)
• Heterogeneous sensor chip technology
• System in package modulation technology


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