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2017.08.25 FORMOSAT-5 Launched into Space
2017.08.25 FORMOSAT-5 Was Launched to Space Successfully And Has Contacted with Taiwan Ground Station
2017.08.25 FORMOSAT-5 Successfully Contacted with Ground Station
2017.07.11 Launch Announcement for FORMOSAT-5
2017.05.19 “IoT Sensors Demo & Talk Show” to Mark Start of New Era in Taiwan’s IoT Sensor Industry
2017.05.07 A New Chapter in Oceanography Research: The launching of Research Vessel Legend
2017.04.11 Trend Micro and NARLabs Join Hands in Building “T-Brain,” a Machine Learning Platform for Smarter Computing, in Hopes of Accelerating AI Technology Development and Cultivating Technology Talent in Taiwan
2017.03.09 AIDC collaborates with NARLabs and Siemens to actively drive Aerospace Industry and Research Cooperation
2016.12.27 Taiwan’s Self-designed Ocean Bottom Seismometers: A critical contribution to the world
2016.10.06 Taiwan’s 100G Research and Education Network Officially Begins Operating

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