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Biomedical Technology

The global biomedical industry has developed rapidly in recent years to improve human health. NARLabs is likewise committed to public health as evidenced by our diverse lab testing and genetic modification services facilitating the development of high-quality, effective medicines.

NARLabs is employing laboratory animal resources, genetic technologies, mechanical engineering, and electronic and optoelectronic technologies to assist in the development of new types of drugs, precision medical technologies, and medical equipment and testing tools intended to preserve and improve people's health.

  • NARLabs supplies high-quality specific pathogen free (SPF) laboratory animals and customized research one-stop service. The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) of NARLabs establishes technological platforms to provide comprehensive tumor test-related resources and services including specialties of oncology, genetic modifications, animal-related experimentation, 3D medical imaging, and veterinary. NLAC also provides diversified tumor transplantation animal models, and anticancer drug efficacy assessments to facilitate drug development.
  • NARLabs establishes R&D platforms for medical device development. The Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs establishes a one-stop service platform conforming to ISO 13485 standards for medical devices, and provides high-quality R&D service equipment in electronics and optoelectronics technology and biomedical testing.
  • NARLabs leads Taiwan in 3D printing medical materials to build up the value of industry. The Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs strives to facilitate cross-industry cooperation within medical material supply chain and helps in improving the capacities of local industries for medical material and equipment manufacturing. Equipped with laboratories for biological materials, electrical safety, biomedical circuits and systems, and 3D printing, ITRC provides R&D services in the field of high-end medical materials and comprehensive solutions for technical, validation, regulatory, and clinical requirements. It aims to construct a strong innovation ecosystem to promote the commercialization of medical materials, and to build links to international partners that Taiwan's industry in medical material manufacturing will be able to take advantage of new opportunities on the global markets.
  • Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB Program) is a multidisciplinary training program executed by Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of NARLabs. STB is a unique blend between the innovative Med Tech culture in the Bay Area and eager young scientist from Taiwan. One of the goals is to arm these STB fellows with tools to return to Taiwan and consider starting Med Tech efforts. This coupled with the Taiwan infrastructure of manufacturing, miniaturization, and cost reduction may be the perfect environment to surround these innovative kernels. (


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