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NARLabs Brochure

Narlabs Brochure (2019)

Narlabs Brochure (2019)

The National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), as Taiwan's premier interdisciplinary research institution, engages in a wide array of topics that concern the country's socio-economic development. It also serves as the bridge and integrator of the country's application-based research efforts to achieving the nation's S&T policy objectives.

NARLabs incorporates 8 separate national laboratories into an integrated research conglomerate.

The NARLabs as a public juristic body of research is affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is charged to develop cutting-edge technologies and to provide advanced service platforms that enable the transformation of the scientific endeavors of the government, academia, industry and research bodies into high-value products and/or services for the society at large.