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An Award of NT$1 million Awaits! 2021 10th HPC NCHC Animation Challenge

  President Tsai Ing-Wen commented in her 2020 inauguration speech that the continued development in information and digital industries is one of the six core strategic industries in Taiwan, and the convergence and cultivation of digital talents is the optimization strategy for the country’s infrastructure. As part of the ongoing efforts to drive the development of innovation and creative capacity and the education of digital talents in Taiwan, the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), administered by the Ministry of Science and Technology, is organizing the 10th HPC NCHC Animation Challenge. Online registration is open from February 17, 2021 to April 30, 2021, and a grand total of NT$1 million is offered as an award for winning the competition.

  The 10th HPC NCHC Animation Challenge in 2021 is comprised of three categories: 3D Animation; Innovative Media; and Visual Special Effects. The category “Innovative Media” contains 2D special effects, TV/movie special effects, fabrics, and hairs. The category “Visual Special Effects” contains 2D, motion graphics, XR (extended reality), and digital mixed media, and is open to non-students.

  With the launch of the first Render Farm in Taiwan in 2011, NCHC has been striving for the application of high-speed computing on several technologies and services such as TV/movie special effects, 3D animations, and AR/VR. The prior nine years of “HPC Kungfu—NCHC 3D Animation Challenge” have achieved great results in the cultivation of creative animation talents. In its 10th year, the competition has been renamed “HPC NCHC Animation Challenge” in 2021, to build on the momentum during the past decade and enhance innovative drive in Taiwan, by encouraging the creation of unique animations beaming with originality and vitality.