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A New Chapter in Oceanography Research: The launching of Research Vessel Legend

The launching ceremony of RV Legend, the research vessel Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI) of National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) placed with Singapore’s Triyards Marine Services Pte. Ltd. took place on May 7, 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City. It is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan at the end of 2017 following its complete construction.

The ship was procured to enhance the capacities of research vessels in Taiwan for oceanography research, a task bequeathed by the Ministry of Science and Technology through NARLabs. To meet the urgent needs of Taiwan for large research vessels, the procurement of this 2000-ton class vessel is expected to fill the current shortage in research vessel capacities and enhance Taiwan’s continuous efforts in ocean exploration and research.

RV Legend and its Features

Following multiple discussions within the planning and construction divisions of TORI, the bid for a 2000-ton class research vessel was awarded in December 2015 to Singapore’s Triyards Marine Services Pte. Ltd., and construction began in January 2016. The vessel was officially named 勵進(Li Jin) and Legend in Chinese and English, respectively. It has a displacement of 2580 tons and a cruising speed of 12 kn. With full cargo, it can satisfy the operations needs onboard the vessel for 30 days. In the future, it can be staffed with 19 crew members, and can carry up to 24 researchers for conducting research at sea.

To meet high safety standards, RV Legend features a double hull and an anti-rolling tank stabilization system. In addition, both sides of the ship have high-capacity lifeboats and life rafts, which can evacuate up to 4 times the ship’s capacity in passengers and crews.

RV Legend has numerous unique designs, including advanced all-direction propellers, an electric propulsion system, a dynamic positioning system, a large stern, and numerous holes for screw anchors, which will drastically enhance capability and efficiency of ocean investigation research operations.

With regard to ocean investigation research equipment, RV Legend is equipped with a 3000m remotely operated vehicle and several types of core samplers. It also has a full-ocean-depth sonar system capable of seafloor mapping. These equipment will serve as crucial tools for Taiwan’s oceanography researchers.

Toward a New Era in Marine Science Research

RV Legend is expected to reach Taiwan at the end of 2017 following its complete construction. Preoperational testing and training will commence afterwards, with the first research trip expected to be conducted in September 2018, marking the beginning of its service life.

TORI expects RV Legend to provide excellent detection capacities for researching topics such as global climate change, energy exploration, and geological disasters, to deliver high accurate seafloor and geological profile data for applications in the offshore wind turbine industry, and to support the government in national land surveying by continuing to extend the limit in exploration of Taiwan’s southern borders and expanding Taiwan’s sea operations.

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, and due to its unique geographical environment, Taiwan’s ocean territories possesses one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth. However, it is at the same time susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes. Research vessels are indispensable to marine investigation. RV Legend marks the beginning of Taiwan’s comprehensive investigation of the seas, ushering in a new chapter of Taiwan’s development and research in marine science technology and research.