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Taiwan’s Biggest Science Expo Secret Base of Scientists 2020

This summer saw the Secret Base of Scientists exhibition, a collaboration between National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Chung Hsing University, opened to the public free of charge. The event took place on the Chung Hsing University campus from the 14th to 18th of August and provided both a fun and educational day out for children and parents alike.

Each of the exhibition’s five sections, Space Base, Fantasy Base, Exploration Base, Smart Base and Science Playground, displayed research conducted by NARLabs’ eight centers in an accessible and entertaining manner. Researchers were on hand to guide visitors through each exhibit, bringing families closer to the vital scientific work NARLabs is engaged in and inspiring young attendees to take a greater interest in science and technology.

Visitors were able to experience the life of a scientist first hand by putting on the very same clean room suit researchers wear while doing the most delicate of scientific work in a semiconductor laboratory or animal testing facility. They could step onto the bridge of NARLabs’ research vessel LEGEND and feel what it is like to captain this ship over the deep blue sea. In addition, an earthquake simulator was set up, allowing those in attendance to experience the devastating force of a quake measuring seven on the Richter scale – just as powerful as Taiwan’s most destructive disaster in recent history. More importantly, visitors were informed of how to respond to earthquakes and how early warning systems protect both us and our possessions.

A vast array of talks and interactive classes were on offer along with numerous interesting exhibits. There was much to learn and even more to enjoy at this year’s Secret Base of Scientists!