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NARLabs signs MOUs with Numerous Key Manufacturers in Cyber Security & Smart Tech

The Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City in Tainan forms an integral part of Taiwan’s “Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan”, which aims to establish innovative green industries, build smart cities and promote equal development between the country’s northern and southern regions. The science city’s Joint Research Center, run under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), acts as a base for the development of innovative industries and cyber security technologies in the Asia Pacific region, accelerating research in smart technologies and cyber security by combining talent from government, academia, research and industries, including the recruitment of key manufacturers in the industry.

MOST commissioned NARLabs to build and operate the Joint Research Center’s Cyber Security and Smart Technology R&D Building, which inaugurated on April 24th this year. To fully benefit from the new facility’s capabilities, NARLabs announced on April 21st it is signing MOUs with numerous key players in the industry, including Arm, Cadence, Synopsys, ASE Technology, Whetron Electronics, Taiwan Web Service Corp., Industrial Technology Research Institute, H.P.B. Electronics, DoQubiz, TQ Technology, Youuxi, Acmepoint Energy Services, Grace Connection Microelectonics Ltd., Green Shepherd, Huijia Health Life Technology, CyCarrier Technology Co., Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co., InSynerger, Ling Cheng Technology Corp., Jubo Smart Ageing Tech., Askey Computer Corp., Coretronic Corp., Chimei Motor, StanShih Foundation, Sanshin Electronics (Taiwan), Acer Cyber Security Inc., Formosa Plastics Group, ASUS Cloud Corp., ASUS Life Corp., Advantech, TUL Corp., Golden Power Electronic Co., Gigaphoton Taiwan Inc., ITOCHU Taiwan Corp., Phison Electronics Corp., Acer Synergy Tech, Studio X-Gene Co., AFTA Technology, Probertek Semiconductor Corp., Acer Healthcare, MOOVO, Japan Science & Research Association, AVEX-SG Technology Inc., XUEMI, Savvy Energy Vetronics Technology Integration Co., Liga Precision Technology Co., Balius (Singapore), Gikens (Indonesia), OmniBus (British Virgin Islands), URFIT, Team T5, SYSTEX Corp., Allxon, and Tsung Chuan Hsing Co.. The Cyber Security and Smart Technology R&D Building will later be used as a service base to provide partners with the most comprehensive services and cooperate in R&D concerning cyber security, smart technology and related technologies.

The Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City was established from the joint efforts of MOST, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the National Development Council, the Tainan municipal government, and other central and local government entities. Additionally, both the recently opened R&D building and the nearby automated vehicle testing services facility, Taiwan CAR Lab (opened since Feb. 2019), are just five minutes from the Shalun and Tainan train stops. Taiwan CAR Lab has already completed testing on 17 of Taiwan’s automated vehicles, providing traffic simulation adapted to international needs and improving the country’s development of self-driving vehicles and their components.

Through these MOUs, manufacturing partners will be able to utilize the Cyber Security and Smart Technology R&D Building, and help make Tainan’s Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City a major center for the country’s R&D in such technological fields and the starting point for future industries.