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TIRI X NLPI Special Exhibition The Optics Experts of Taiwan Instrument Research Institute: A Creative Dream Factory

Scientific discoveries aren't bound by rules, but the marvels of the universe and nature and the properties of all matter require quantitative, systematic experiments and measurements to be defined. To conduct these experiments and measurements, we depend on innovative instruments and equipment. In order to help the public learn more about these technologies, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) of NARLabs, under MOST, and the National Library of Public Information (NLPI) have organized a collaborative special exhibition, "The Optics Experts of Taiwan Instrument Research Institute: A Creative Dream Factory." The exhibition will be on display from July 5 to October 30, 2022, at the Digital Art Center on the second floor of the NLPI Main Library and its exciting content will showcase a variety of innovative optical instruments that have led to new scientific discoveries. All are welcome to come and enjoy this special exhibition.

As a pioneer of Taiwan's vacuum and optical technology, TIRI is fulfilling its missions outlined in national policy. After successful independent development of an optical microscope in 1976, TIRI has accumulated more than 45 years of R&D experience in optical and vacuum technologies, eliminated the technical bottleneck of the large-aperture aspheric mirror, and is the only R&D institution in Taiwan capable of producing lenses for remote sensing satellites. TIRI pROVides a full range of services for optical systems, making observations from the tiniest particle to our vast universe possible. Its partners span the fields of science, industry, medicine, and agriculture, opening up great avenues for scientific discovery and pROViding solutions according to needs of industrial, academic, and research sectors. TIRI develops customized special key modules and instruments, and is an indispensable backbone for Taiwan's technological development, truly filling the important role of Taiwan's "Creative Dream Factory."

The highlight of the exhibition is a large-aperture, high-resolution optical microscope lens commissioned by a team from Academia Sinica and produced by TIRI. The team behind the project "Constructing High-Resolution 3D Images of the Brain" at Academia Sinica's Research Center for Applied Sciences conducted their research by refining the light-sheet microscopy technique which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2014. TIRI assisted in the custom development of the large-aperture, high-resolution optical lens required for a lattice light-sheet microscope, which can be used to observe protein distribution mechanisms in the brains of rats. The lens has a large visual field (22 mm in diameter) and high spatial resolution (1 ㎛), and can obtain a high-resolution image of a rat's entire brain in a single shot. By overcoming the hurdles of an overly narrow imaging field and the necessity for image stitching, this lens greatly impROVes image acquisition and research efficiency. This will help research teams further explore the brains of rats and thereby contribute to finding solutions for human brain diseases in the future.

The exhibition will allow the public to see Nobel Prize-winning optical lenses, rare and extraordinary optical components, and even a Fresnel lens, which has a wide range of applications. In addition, the exhibition will showcase how glass blanks are manufactured into optical components and allow the public to learn about Taiwan's ability to produce high-end lenses for scientific research. A multimedia machine is also set up on site, allowing visitors of all ages to learn about the structures of various optical instruments through interactive puzzles.

All are welcome to visit NLPI and experience "The Optics Experts of Taiwan Instrument Research Institute: A Creative Dream Factory" to learn more about how TIRI conducts optical design and precision component manufacturing, brings to life various optoelectronic instruments and equipment, and assists industrial, academic, and research sectors with cutting-edge scientific and technological research.

The Optics Experts of Taiwan Instrument Research Institute: A Creative Dream Factory
Exhibition period: July 5 (Tues.) - Oct. 30, 2022 (Sun.)
Venue: National Library of Public Information, Digital Art Center (2F)
100 Wuquan South Road, South District, Taichung City, Taiwan