Space Science & Technology

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The National Space Organization (NSPO) of NARLabs is a government-supported body that coordinates all Taiwan's space research and space technology development programs with scientific and commercial goals. NSPO is currently managing two major satellite programs: FORMOSAT-5 and FORMOSAT-7. The execution strategy will focus on meeting Taiwan's national needs, carrying out satellite programs, promoting academic research and industrial development, improving Taiwan's overall space technology development capacity, and developing added value to the domestic industry.

The development of the optical remote sensing instrument for FORMOSAT-5

The optical remote sensing instrument (RSI) of FORMOSAT-5 will be able to provide images with grounding resolution equal to 2m in black-and-white and 4m in color. Concerning the independent development of the RSI, NSPO has  completed the building of the instrument, setting a new milestone in Taiwan's space technology.

A new era of ground-based satellite mission control system

The cross platform satellite operation control (XPSOC) system is the first-ever large-scale satellite control software system independently designed and developed by Taiwan. It is anticipated to be used as the mission-operating platform for FORMOSAT-7. The successful development of XPSOC system has solidified Taiwan's ground-based satellite control development capacity.

Critical design completed for FORMOSAT-7 NSPO-built satellite

The NSPO-built FORMOSAT-7 satellite is a 300-kg class satellite carrying a GNSS reflection signal receiver made by NSPO and Taiwan's domestic team. In Nov. 2015, NSPO-built FORMOSAT-7 satellite passed the critical design review, validating satellite design completeness and system interface compatibility as well as marking the beginning of subsequent software and hardware design and manufacturing stages.