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2nd NARLabs-ANFF Quantum Workshop Moves Online, Unhindered by COVID-19

On Aug. 24th, NARLabs held its 2nd Virtual Quantum Workshop with long-term Australian partner, Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF). The NARLabs-ANFF joint workshop marks an important milestone in our collaboration following the signing of the ANFF-NARLabs Memorandum of Collaboration in February 2019. This workshop pROVides a collaborative platform aligned with NARLabs’ missions of “establishing R&D platforms” and “supporting academic research”. Currently, NARLabs is maintaining partnership with ANFF, University of Technology Sydney, and Australian National University. This workshop will not only lead to future joint research projects in quantum technology, but ANFF and NARLAbs will also serve as a bridge for universities and research institutes in more fields of research.