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Proposing solutions to social challenges.
NARLabs’ ten research laboratories focus on chip implementation, instrument technology, high-performance computing, earthquake engineering, nanotechnology, laboratory animals, space technology, S&T policy research and information, ocean research, and typhoon and flood research. NARLabs encompasses ten national laboratories in major research domains of "Earth and Environment", "Information and Communication Technology", "Biomedical Technology", and "Science and Technology Policy" and is dedicated to a mission of providing solutions to problems that the society may face in the future.

Earth and Environment
NARLabs is integrating earth observation platforms for environmental disasters research toward the creation of a long-term environmental monitoring and disaster warning system of Taiwan, and collaboratively establishing an environmental database to provide assistance to governmental policy-making for disaster prevention and relief strategies...more

Information and Communication Technology
NARLabs has built research platforms for advanced technologies ranging from sensor devices to systems integration, computer networks, and cloud computing. As examples, a large-scale high-performance computing and network platform has been developed to provide a cloud computing environment and big data processing services...more

Biomedical Technology
NARLabs is likewise committed to public health as evidenced by our diverse lab testing and genetic modification services facilitating the development of high-quality, effective medicines. To this end, NARLabs has established a one-stop service platform and certified high-quality instruments for medical devices to better facilitate the utilization of our R&D results in the biomedical industry....more

Science and Technology Policy
NARLabs contributes to the decision making process in regard to science and technological policies. NARLabs has been commissioned by the government of Taiwan to not only aid in economic growth, but also to improve public welfare and well-being through in-depth systemic analysis of data, strategic mid- and long-term planning and innovative solutions for policy-makers to utilize....more

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