Mapping the Future of Technology

Scientific development affects the direction and trend of the future world. By integrating the technologies, talents and resources of 8 national laboratories, National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) not only enables Taiwan’s scientists to exchange innovative research results but also stimulates more new ideas that may change the world.

Big Dreams bring Together Great Teams

Drive Innovation through Integration

Innovate Technologies,
Sustain Taiwan

Scientific Solutions 8 National Laboratories, 4 Major Areas
The Only Insistence - To Propose Solutions for Future Social Problems

By integrating core technologies and facilities of laboratories, NARLabs provides domestic industries, government, academia and research institutes with required R&D platforms and technical services in fields such as “Environmental Monitoring and Hazard Mitigation,” “Information and Communication Technology,” ”Biomedical Science and Technology” and “Science and Technology Policy Research.” NARLabs offers solutions to future problems that a society may face and prompts innovative research to go beyond laboratories with an aim of becoming a supportive force for human life and a better world in the future.
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