Constructing a Research and Development Platform
We have created a large-scale domestic technology platform that could not be administered by the academic world alone, along with a research and development platform integrating industry and academ
Supporting Academic Research
With our large-scale technology platform, capacity for advanced research and development, and passion for service, we assist Taiwanese academia in their world-class technological research.
Promoting the Technology of the Future
With our goal of innovating technology and safeguarding Taiwan, we put our substantial research and development capacity to use in promoting forward-looking scientific research that can compete with the world’s best and improve Taiwan’s social welfare.
Cultivating Tech Talent
We aim to deepen the public’s interest in science and technology and cultivate high-tech talent that can meet industry’s personnel needs, laying a foundation for the progress of domestic industry and academia.


National Applied Research Laboratories, under the guidance of the National Science and Technology Council, was established in 2003 and oversees seven national research centers. With our vision of “Global Excellence, Local Impact”, we provide domestic industry, government, academia, and research institutes with research facilities, development platforms, and technical services in fields including earth and environment, information & communication technology, biomedical technology, and science and technology policy.

7national research centers

Servicing Industrial, Academic and Research Institutions

NARLabs continues to support academic R&D platforms, advance emerging industries, as well as provide interdisciplinary integrative solutions and a complete R&D collaboration service.

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