Foster High-tech Talent

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Under global competition, talent is our most important resource and key to sustaining national development. Fostering high-tech talent is one of NARLabs four major missions. We help establish links between academia and industry via our innovative service platforms. In addition, we continue to tap international human resources, with the ultimate goals of cultivating superior, innovative talent and boosting Taiwan's international competitiveness.

Taiwan-Canada Bilateral Fellowship Program

To promote talent exchange and research cooperation between Taiwan and Canada, the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and Mitacs cooperated to subsidize the "Taiwan-Canada Bilateral Talent Research Program", which is divided into "Globalink Research Internship (GRI)" and " Globalink Research Award (GRA)" according to different targets. Taiwanese university students going into their third year, master’s and doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows are welcome to apply.


NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) has partnered with the Taiwan chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to hold a competition that cultivates talent in scientific instrument development by attracting more young scholars to dedicate themselves to the fields of scientific instrument design and manufacturing.


HPC NCHC Animation Challenge

Rendering for 3D animation requires a large amount of computing power. Participants in this competition can utilize national-level resources to create work of the highest caliber. This competition, which the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has held eleven times, is Taiwan’s most important animation competition in the field of computer graphics.


Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools (IDEERS) Competition

The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) has partnered with the British Council to hold this inter-campus earthquake model-making competition. Every year from September to October, this competition is held in accordance with the Earthquake Engineering Competition, which was designed and developed by the University of Bristol Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering research group.
Participants follow the organizers' set specifications to create their models. To determine a winner, the competition culminates with a model shaking table testing the seismic performance of the participant’s model structures. This competition warmly welcomes students from abroad to participate in this discussion and exchange. 


NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) promotes the concept of the indigenous production of scientific instruments and the cultivation of talent in basic scientific research. This competition aims to cultivate the innovative capacity of research in scientific instruments and problem solving.


FITI Program

At the behest of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) has carried out the “From IP to IPO” project since 2013. Two selection rounds are held every year to discover and cultivate young innovators with outstanding potential. The team that wins the “FITI Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award” receives a corporate sponsorship of NT$1 million in funding and NT$1 million in prize money from the NSTC. This funding provides new academic research teams with high-tech certification and a launch pad to enter the market.