NARLabs Overview

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The main missions of NARLabs are:

  • To establish R&D platforms
  • To support academic research
  • To promote frontier science and technology
  • To foster high-tech manpower

Integrated Strategy to Drive Innovation

For a more innovative environment, NARLabs will serve as a platform to align upstream and downstream segments along the R&D continuum, which will be one of the crucial aspects in Taiwan's S&T transformation process. In this connection, the pressing task for NARLabs is to augment the “translation” function and maximize its roles in elected projects of various fields with potentials for success. For example, the establishment of platforms of next-generation smart electronics and experimental biological materials is to elevate the development potentials in Taiwan's information and communication technology and bio-technology industries. Nonetheless, the related connection and integration shall proceed with the formulation of complementary measures and implementation of performance management so to meet the future needs in developing the country's innovative R&D programs and economic system.

Creating Social Benefits and Values

The R&D platform established by NARLabs carries the mission of creating social benefits and values. In a time when individual technologies can no longer meet future needs of society and industry in a fast-changing economic context, we have to take advantage of the established research capacity as a platform to collaborate with Taiwan's outstanding multidisciplinary research teams in fostering various R&D initiatives that are forward-looking and challenging as well as of social value.