Core Technology & Facilities

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Chip Implementation

  • IC/SoC Design
  • SoC/SiP Integration Technology
  • Heterogeneous Integration Technology Platform
  • Integration Technology for Intelligent lectronic Systems

Instrument Technology

  • Remote Sensing Instrumentation
  • Nano/MEMS Fabrication
  • Thin Film and Vacuum System
  • Instrument System Integration
  • Precision Machining and Optical Inspection

Network and High-performance Computing

  • High-performance Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network and Information Security

Earthquake Engineering

  • Seismic Testing and Numerical Simulation Te chnologies
  • Seismic Resistant Design, Evaluation an d Retrofit Technologies
  • Earthquake Loss Estimation Technologies

Nano Device Technologies

  • Nano CMOS Device Technology
  • Nano Energy and Optoelectronic Device Technology
  • NEMS / MEMS Technology

Animal Laboratory Technology

  • Quality Control of Laboratory Animal
  • Reproduction and Breeding Management
  • Isolator Techniques
  • Genetic Modification Techniques

Space Science

  • Satellite System Integration
  • Spacecraft Bus
  • Payload Instrument
  • Mission Operation
  • Image Processing

Science & Technology Policy Research

  • Technology Foresight and Forecasting Methodologies
  • National Innovation System Research
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Sci-tech Projects Management
  • Integrated Sci-tech Information Service Platform

Ocean Research

  • Marine Observation and Modeling
  • Submarine Seismic Observation
  • Ocean Exploration Technology
  • Ocean Information Database and Network

Typhoon and Flood Research

  • Numerical Weather Modeling Techniques
  • Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Techniques
  • Hydrological Modeling Techniques
  • Atmospheric and Hydrologic Observation Techniques