Leading Industrial-academic Collaboration

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Working in conjunction with the National Science and Technology Council's nationwide S&T development, NARLabs serves as a provider of technological manpower and R&D platforms needed for the innovation economy. NARLabs helps connect upstream R&D results with downstream applications and guide industrial/academic collaboration. From innovation to value creation, NARLabs strives to accelerate the development of value-added applications of R&D platforms and increase the integration of Taiwan's S&T and industry value chain.

Establishment of Internet of Things Sensor Service Platform

Promoter of the Internet of Things industrial supply chains

The Department of Engineering and Technologies of MOST cooperated with the Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs to promote an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor service platform. Targeting to provide opportunities for autonomous and developmental applications of IoT sensors, ITRC together with NDL and CIC of NARLabs signed a MOU with top businesses in Taiwan, including HIWIN Technologies, MediaTek, Mobiletron, and Adavntech-LNC Technology. Through this service platform, it is expected that a representative IoT industrial supply chain will be cultivated.

Coestablishing Laboratories, Developing New Manufacturing Techniques

Industry-Academia-Research cooperation creates innovation and value

The NARLabs connected the industry and academia for cocreating innovation and value. For example, we cooperated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to establish the Atomic Layer Deposition Cooperation Laboratory as to co-develop the advanced manufacturing techniques in the semiconductor industry, as well as with Taiwan SECOM to establish the Joint Labs of Disaster Prevention Service as to co-develop earthquake warning services and floods monitoring system.

NARLabs Signs Strategic Alliance MOU with the Entrepreneur Club

Promoting industrial upgrading and creating new opportunities for industry-academia research cooperation

If Taiwan's economy is to continue to advance, apart from further developing high-tech industries, the upgrading of traditional industries is also extremely important. In order to assist in the promotion of industrial development, NARLabs signed a strategic alliance MOU with the Entrepreneur Club. This agreement calls for inter-domain and interindustry cooperation between NARLabs with its cuttingedge science and technology and the Entrepreneur Club with its entrepreneurial resources. It is hoped that the agreement will promote communications among industry, academia, and research organizations, which will foster new opportunities for industrial development. The newformed strategic alliance will provide industry access to NARLabs' R&D platforms and services, and enable NARLabs to help industries form innovative clusters. Industrial cooperation is a key driver of technological innovation, and NARLabs hopes that the strategic alliance can effectively bring about the further transformation of industry. Both parties look forward to striving to enhance Taiwan's economic strength in the future.

Mining Deposits of Scientific Innovation-Promoting Technological Entrepreneurship in Taiwan!

The "From IP to IPO" program is an incubation project using entrepreneurial resources to help academic research teams to support on technological startups, and it is expected that the program will renew the vigor of Taiwan's industries. The program has called on a number of heavyweight figures including Silicon Valley venture capitalists and prominent corporate managers to provide insider guidance and help the teams gain marketing, legal, and fund-raising knowledge through in-depth lectures and training workshops. The program also provides startup funds to help the intrepid teams to make progress toward realizing their dreams, and eventually create a fertile startup ecology growing in the rich soil of science and technology.

Fruitful Achievements of Industry-academia Research Strategic Alliances Promise to Yield Trillion NT Dollar Production Value for Taiwan

Some of the most notable achievements of cooperation between NARLabs and industry, academia, and research organizations during the year included the "NARLabs Medical Instruments Value Creation Alliance", which provides the integrated medical instrument's services, the "sleep Disorder Risk Assessment Platform" developed by NCHC and Horien Itl. Co., and the "Earthquake Early Warning Service" promoted by NCREE and Taiwan SECOM. These milestones show that NARLabs' efforts to derive value creation from technological innovation are bearing fruit.


Helping Taiwan's companies upgrade from manufacturing to smart manufacturing

The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center's (STPI) "iKnow" (Innovation Knowledge) service provides one-stop service concerning industrial innovation knowledge, and uses a knowledge value-adding innovation service model to encourage industry to make the best use of their IP. The iKnow platform is currently relying on the Internet to achieve the diffusion of knowledge and offer the value-added intelligence service to the public.