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NLAC x NLPI Science and Technology Special Exhibition: "The Magic Spaces of Isolation Bubbles",Ever since the impact of COVID-19 became widespread, "i...
World's first "COVID-19 Rapid Test Chip," which can quickly and accurately detect very low levels of the virus in patients at the early stages of infection or in asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, all in under 20 minutes.
2nd NARLabs-ANFF Quantum Workshop Moves Online, Unhindered by COVID-19,On Aug. 24th, NARLabs held its 2nd Virtual Quantum Workshop with long-term Aust...
International Manufacturers Respond to NCHC in Combatting Pandemic QIAGEN, SCM, and MongoDB Join with Taiwan Supercomputer to Speed up Anti-COVID R&D,...
Aiding Taiwan Against Pandemic with Technology, NARLabs Launches Numerous Anti-COVID Projects,With over 170 million having been infected and over 3.7 ...
“Anti-Pandemic Technology 2.0” Calls on Efforts from All Disciplines. Taiwania 3 Joins in Combatting the Outbreak,Taiwania 3,To fully utilize science ...
Yusat And Ideassat Cubesats Launched Into Space - Interweaving Taiwan's Brilliant Starry Sky,“Five, four, three, two, one, zero, ignition…Launch!" Car...
TSRI presented 4 papers at IEDM 2020,Convening every December in San Francisco, the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) is known as the worl...
On September 17th, NARLabs held its fifth joint workshop with long-term Korean partner, National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST). Originally, the workshop was to be held in Taipei, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event was done online to safeguard everyone’s health and safety.
FORMOSAT-7’s Vital Role in Global Weather Forecasts during the COVID-19 Pandemic,During the US-led Spire Weather – A Global Constellation Solution con...