Science and Technology Policy

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The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of NARLabs aims to support the government's technology policy-making and address social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy. Functioning as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Taiwan's research communities, STPI has focused in collecting, collating and disseminating science & technology information for the purposes of innovation, competitiveness, sustainable development and social well-being and has integrated and provided with several nationwide technology related information services in improving the efficiency of scientific research. STPI→

Patent information services: Observing technology applicationbased competition from various perspectives

Providing key information and facilitating scientif ic research-related resource allocation and achievement application

The STPI develops various patent analysis methods to analyze the evolution of specific technologies as well as their market competition situation. For the said methods, patent information is combined with industry and market information to analyze the development trends, competition situations, and market dynamics of specif ic technologies. The analysis results are used as the knowledge base for resource allocation, research topic identif ication, and results application.

Mechanism innovation driving the R&D of energy technology

Promoting sustainable high quality of life with energy technology

On the basis of innovation systems, this study involves observing international policies and exploring promotion practices. By introducing innovative thinking into various stages of large-scale R&D programs including planning, execution, review, and action, energy technology R&D can be carried out to match social demands. This study is expected to facilitate energy conservation and carbon reduction, thereby promoting sustainable and outstanding quality of life.

Brain circulation of technology-related innovation and entrepreneurship

Policy observations and international comparisons

Assessing and forecasting the brain drain of talents of innovation and entrepreneurship are difficult. Therefore, STPI performed a current affairs analysis, studied various international policies (i.e., policies implemented by Singapore, South Korea, Finland, Israel, and Switzerland), and interviewed scholars and experts. The results showed that to retain talents, relevant institutions should actively encourage brain circulation, accept brain gain, pay attention to talent retention, attract talents, develop training systems, and concentrate resources to promote related policies.

Industry 4.0 and iKnow information services

iKnow to play a crucial role in the provision of knowledge and information-related services

The Industry 4.0 is affecting and changing the factory "landscape" and even overturns the framework of the entire industry in the future. Meantime, Industry 4.0 will be used to create smart, automated production by facilitating cross-industry/cross-technology fusion and integration. iKnow, a technology industry information service of STPI, will play a key role in providing industry-related knowledge and information to fully inform Taiwanese businesses of the future development and new business opportunities involving Industry 4.0.