Science and Technology Policy

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The Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of NARLabs aims to support the government's technology policy-making and address social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy. Functioning as the main government think-tank for science and technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Taiwan's research communities, STPI has focused in collecting, collating and disseminating science & technology information for the purposes of innovation, competitiveness, sustainable development and social well-being and has integrated and provided with several nationwide sci-tech related information services in improving the efficiency of scientific research. STPI→

Funded by the National Science & Technology Council (NSTC), STPI’s 5 missions are:  

1. To Support the Government in S&T Policy Planning

One of STPI’s main tasks is to support the government in science and technology policy planning and to strengthen the evidence-based research capacity in the policy making process, with the goal of accumulating service capabilities to rapidly respond to issues. Core responsibilities include policy planning services, issues management and methodologies development and data preparation and services.

STPI provides comprehensive and systematic support to assist the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in various tasks such as drafting sci-tech policies and evaluating the effectiveness of national sci-tech development. In addition, STPI continuously supports the NSTC in organizing/drafting activities/documents such as National Science and Technology Conference, National Science and Technology Development Plan, White Paper on Science and Technology, Science and Technology Advisory Board Meeting …etc.

2. To Assist the Government in Management and Evaluation of S&T Programs

STPI is responsible for assisting the government with the promotion of management in science and technology programs. STPI builds various databases and provides comprehensive services for academic resources to local universities, research institutions, and government agencies.

In addition, STPI maintains the information platform related to S&T program management to facilitate the full-cycle management including review, management and performance evaluation, aiming to assist the government in overhauling performance evaluation for research institutions to enhance Taiwan’s research capacity and quality. STPI also conducts research and analysis utilizing the data from various self-established databases such as Policy Research Indicators Database (PRIDE), National Profiles of Human Resources in Science and Technology (NPHRST), and Government Research Bulletin (GRB).

3. To Provide Integrated Information Services 

The goal of this mission is to enrich academic resources and facilitate the sharing in Taiwan. The key tasks are as followed: 

A. Through the Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan (CONCERT), STPI assists academic institutions across the nation in introducing new domestic and international electronic information resources, promoting fair access to and use of academic electronic information, and building top quality research development and teaching infrastructures. 

B. STPI serves as a hub for cooperation and sharing of publications and information among the libraries of academic and research institutions nationwide and maintains the National Document Delivery Service (NDDS), which integrates cataloging and billing to save funds and manpower for publication acquisition and improve the efficiency and quality of information services.
C. Commissioned by the NSTC, STPI establishes and maintains the “Taiwan Open Access Journals” (TOAJ), an open discovery platform for user-friendly and sustainability of Open Access scholarly journals in Taiwan.  TOAJ provides readers with free article access and downloads fairly and openly and supports journal editing and collection for the needs of local academic editorial units.

4. To Support the Government on the Development of S&T Industry 

By building the “Operational Framework of Research Issue Collaboration Platform”, STPI supports the government in sci-tech decision-making operations and develops research methodologies for the formation of sci-tech innovation strategies focusing on innovation issues in critical industry. Furthermore, STPI supports inter-ministerial sci-tech policy promotion by assisting the NSTC to respond more rapidly to various issues in science and technology within the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) policy cycle.

5. To Activate the Commercialization Eco-System of Research Achievements

STPI takes advantage of various self-established platforms to solidify the foundation of entrepreneurship and connect startups resources in order to boost the commercialization of R&D achievements in science and technology in Taiwan.  For example, in order to nurture and commercialize research outcomes, STPI builds the “Innovation Ecosystem Service Platform”, which provides services and value-added tools related to startups, facilitating resource matchmaking and community linkage to promote the positive growth of startup teams and companies.