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National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), founded in 1991, is committed to strengthening national high-performance computing (HPC) technology, providing world-class supercomputing and academic research network infrastructure, and laying foundation for the development of technology in Taiwan. NCHC, in the spirit of "driving transformation for a better future with HPC", is dedicated to promoting HPC technology and applications development, leading digital transformation in industries and smart living. NCHC→


  • Provide AI research development and cloud services
  • Build innovative R&D ecosystem for new-generation AI products
  • Promote technological innovation and transformation

Data Market and Analysis Platform

The Data Market of NCHC creates a data service platform that can provide shared usage, management, and building. It offers autonomous data set management services and integrates with the TWCC to provide data integration services that model training needs. The platform will also provide integrated services for model deployment.

High-accuracy Computing Simulation Platform

The high-accuracy computing simulation platform is developed based on high- fidelity numerical methods and high-efficiency parallel computing technology. It can analyze and design various engineering problems such as the internal flow of an engine, the external flow of the fluids interacting with various environmental factors, and complex configuration like the effect of shock waves on turbulence at high speed.

Life Science and Medical Digital Data Platform

Utilizing its expertise in biological computing in conjunction with the HPC and network facilities, NCHC provides an optimized computing environment that puts medical imaging and genome databases, and the software system tools or biological data analysis into an integrated HPC service to allow medicine and agriculture researchers to decode the mysteries of life sciences.

Spatial Information Infrastructure Co-Construction Platform

NCHC continues to bring in data cube technology and cultivate the spatial data alliance architecture with the goal to quickly deploy applications in the cloud, link the spatial data, and bring forth the comprehensive effect of digital twins and cross-domain data governance of the public sector. The platform can be used in urban planning, smart cities, environmental disaster prevention, and other planning and emergency response services.

Render Farm

Render Farm provides domestic art and cultural technology services through PaaS (Platform as a Service, PaaS) cloud services. In a flexible computing environment, it propels cultural industry application and talent cultivation, promotes the production of high-quality films with special effects and animations.

Information Security Service Platform

NCHC offers Security Operation Center (SOC) services, while providing computing facility and research networks with nationally certified information security protection. Additionally, NCHC engages in international organizations and holds full membership in the Forum of Incident Response and Security Team (FIRST). Furthermore, NCHC has established an information security regional joint defense mechanism and actively promotes the development of information security talents within the nation.

Supercomputer TAIWANIA 2Supercomputer TAIWANIA 2
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