Instrument Technology

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In alignment with national science and technology policies and industrial economic development needs, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) focuses on the areas of cutting-edge optics, advanced vacuum technology, and biomedical optoelectronics, refining its core technologies to provide complete, interdisciplinary, and integrated instrument technology R&D services. Driven by the principle of innovation and customization, TIRI assists the academia to commercialize its innovation through practical technology, bridging with the industry. TIRI aims to effectively promotes the development of advanced scientific research and innovative industry. TIRI→

TIRI Assists the Research Team Led by NTU to Break the Bottleneck of Silicon Vias Measurement

TIRI has assisted the team of Professor Liang-Chia Chen from NTU to develop key optical components for its Advanced Packaging Critical Dimension AI-powered Optical Measurement System, breaking through technological bottlenecks. The system can measure opening sizes down to submicron and has a depth-to-width ratio of 15 times, setting a new technology breakthrough for advanced semiconductor packaging technology. News→

TIRI of NARLabs Establishes Joint Research Laboratory for Ultra-Precision Machining Technology with Industry and Research Partners

Under the framework of the integration of industry, government, academia, and research TIRI brings together teams in the field of smart machinery to establish the Joint Research Laboratory for Ultra-Precision Machining Technology and signs a MOU on international cooperation with Moore Nanotechnology Systems (Nanotech), one of the top three ultra-precision machining system suppliers in the world, and DKSH Taiwan, Nanotech's local distributor. It is expected to promote Taiwan's precision optical component manufacturing technology to the world and be in step with the international community. News→

TIRI is the First Legal Entity in Taiwan to Pass the IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Field Verification

TIRI has provided academia with an intelligent manufacturing technology verification field. This AI verification field has passed the certification with international standards of “Industrial communication networks – IT security for networks and systems” (IEC 62443-2-4). TIRI has become the first legal entity in Taiwan to pass the IEC 62443 cybersecurity field verification. This can assist the academia in verifying the theory of intelligent manufacturing and AI technology.

TIRI Supports the Research Team of NYCU and TSME in making breakthroughs in the Innovation and Advancement of Research on Two-dimensional Materials

TIRI's joint laboratory of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has made breakthroughs in semiconductor material development, supporting the team led by Professor Der-Hsien Lien from NYCU and TSMC in the development of ultra-thin indium oxide (In2O3) transistors that can be used in memory, optical channel, and low-power semiconductor components.

The "Sub-Å Atomic Structure Research and Applications" R&D Service Platform Supports the Cutting-edge Material Research

The "Sub-Å Atomic Structure Research and Applications" R&D service platform is equipped with the "Atomic Resolution Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope" with a resolution of 0.78 Å, the highest in Taiwan. Using this unique R&D platform, the team has established the world's most complete atomic microstructure evolution mechanism of the precipitation phase transformation in aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, completed the analysis of the atomic structure and composition of next-generation 2D materials and quantum-dot semiconductor devices, and pioneered Taiwan's "atomic-resolution 3D electron tomography" analysis technology, which has opened new horizons in international academia and industry for investigating the connections between the structure, properties and performance of advanced materials. News→