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From IP to IPO Program: 2023 Second Round Finalists Announced

With the advent of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), and amidst technological innovations and market changes in the digital age, countries are faced with intensified demand for new technologies. A major source of knowledge and innovation are universities and R&D organizations, which, when combined with a sound environment for industrial development, allow for the emergence of a constant flow of innovative ideas. The annual "From IP to IPO" Program, directed by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and run by the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of NARLabs, achieves this by helping scholars and researchers sow the seeds of technological innovation through six months of entrepreneurial training. On Dec. 1, the finalists of the second round of the 2023 From IP to IPO Program were announced in an awards ceremony at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA). Three teams, mesoView Co., Ltd., the NCKU Center for Genomic Medicine, and TPDH, were awarded Outstanding Entrepreneurship Awards and received corporate sponsorship of NT$1 million. This honor not only recognizes outstanding entrepreneurship in high tech, but is also an important cornerstone for startup teams entering the market.

This round's research teams have shown excellent innovation and R&D capabilities, carried out their work with enthusiasm, shown determination to solve market issues with scientific research technology, and have proactively and bravely taken their first steps in entrepreneurship. Forty excellent research teams were initially selected to participate in the first stage of the program. After six months of training, seven of the most promising teams were then chosen as finalists. The judges ultimately selected three teams for the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award based on market trends, the content of their technology, and their entrepreneurial determination.

STPI has organized the From IP to IPO Program since 2013, actively unearthing and nurturing competitive start-up teams, youth, and professionals from various fields, as well as assisting in connecting science parks with local and international mentors. To help ideas flow smoothly into the market, the program pROVides participants with the three important foundations for early-stage commercialization of their products: patent arrangement, financial assessments, and profit model refinement. Teams also master commercialization in two business training camps and five practical courses. Participants may even take advantage of a platform for online business matchmaking and a round-the-clock coaching hotline. SPTI is dedicated to becoming a key partner for startup teams as they develop innovative technologies and take their first steps in the entrepreneurial world. This year's talented entrepreneurs have successfully completed their professional training, and at the awards ceremony, showed off their technological achievements.

Since its inception, the From IP to IPO Program has nurtured more than 838 startup teams who have established 403 companies. It has also led to more than NT$8.28 billion in venture capital investment, making it a crucial bridge to connect early-stage startups with private industry. NSTC hopes that the innovative technologies developed by the participating teams will contribute toward creating a positive feedback loop for Taiwan's industries and drive the domestic market. NSTC also encourages teams to begin international deployment of scalable technologies from the start of their journey, leveraging future-oriented scientific knowledge and interdisciplinary resources to solve global problems and show the world the technological power of Taiwan's startups.

From IP to IPO Program 2023 Second Round Finalists

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award

mesoView Co., Ltd., NCKU Center for Genomic Medicine, TPDH

Startup Potential Award

[氧立方], Gocochain,

2023 Second Round Finalists Team Info


Team Name


Healthcare NCKU Center for Genomic Medicine

The NCKU Center for Genomic Medicine has developed the “intelligent cOmputing Noble Embryo” (icONE), which integrates preimplantation genetic screening data with maternal physiological features to predict probability of pregnancy with an accuracy of 92%. It has assisted physicians at the ART Reproductive Center in selecting the most suitable embryos for implantation to achieve successful conception.

Healthcare mesoView Co., Ltd.

With mesoView’s technology, PATHOscope, high-resolution pathology images can be obtained at the centimeter level without need for post-processing. PATHOscope also records histopathology information and digitally interprets and stores it, saving time and labor compared with traditional biopsy, and reduces false shadows that easily lead to misinterpretation, as well as preserves true surgical border.

Innovative Tech TPDH

TPDH has developed a structural safety inspection module for dynamic electromagnetic imaging which utilizes original technology to assist in the structural inspection of railways, buildings, bridges, and roads.