Social Engagement

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For social engagement, NARLabs is commissioned to serve as the guardian of Taiwan by developing innovative science and technology for reducing damages from natural disasters and enhancing the quality of living for people in Taiwan. NARLabs employees devote their efforts to foster Taiwan's technological innovation as S&T volunteers. As climate change causes a growing number of natural disasters, NARLabs researchers have made significant impacts through monitoring and early warning technologies.

Fun Scientific Experiential Activity for Summer Vacation

One day experience - to be a little scientist, laboratory animal keeper, and veterinarian

To implement the reduction and replacement principles of the Three Rs, the National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) of NARLabs has converted difficult laboratory animal science and complex experimental content to fun scientific experimental activities. NLAC also continually developed teaching materials and interactive games for public science education. The center aims to cultivate children's sympathy, respect, and gratitude of life by a pleasant gaming experience.

National Palace Museum Education Channel and Digital Audio Book Platform

Breaking the barrier of knowledge through information technology

The National Palace Museum Education Channel is a onecloud-multiple-screen digital learning platform established using cloud technology to share high-quality multimedia materials of the museum with remote villages. The Digital Audio Book Platform was the first DAISY(Digital Accessible Information System) electronic book platform in Taiwan for people with vision impairment.

Harmonious Coexistence of Ocean and Humans: Marine Education in Taiwan

Visit of elementary school teachers for the Marine Core Repository and Laboratory, TORI

It can be foreseen that a scenario of global warming will continue over the forthcoming century. Harmonious coexistence of ocean and humans becomes a crucial issue for all human beings. For this purpose, the Marine Core Repository and Laboratory (MCRL) presents paleoceangrahic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions from the seas around Taiwan by using marine sedimentary cores. During this camp, all participants were also inspired in ocean sciences and received important messages from marine cores.

Joint Observations of Coral Spawning in the Nan-Wan Bay

Innovative coral reef research and conservation

During the coral spawning season at Nan-wan Bay, the Taiwan Ocean Research Institute integrated its existing assets and expertise (i.e., ocean radar current measurements, acoustic Doppler current measurements, numerical simulations, sediment sonar sea floor side scanning sonar, live underwater imaging, satellite water color assessments, and diving surveys, etc.) to monitor the relationships between organisms and the marine environment from various perspectives, creating new, innovative research and conservation methods in the process.

Street House Seismic Performance Website

Increasing residential earthquake resistance online

To establish an earthquake preparedness mindset throughout society, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) in Taiwan has established the first seismic rapid assessment website for the street house in Taiwan. Apart from enabling members of the public to rapidly and easily assess the seismic resistance of their homes, the website pROVides a rapid assessment method based on over 6,000 detailed building seismic assessment data items, and employs the virtual seismic performance expert "Dr. E" in a lively interactive approach. Following instructions, users can input basic information concerning their home, such as the floor area on each story and area of columns and walls, in order to rapidly assess the building's ability to withstand earthquakes. (